Sharing the Beauty of Turkey

Growing up, our mom repeatedly told us to work hard so we can have the resources to see the world. Despite our very limited financial capacity, she walked the talk by bringing us to different islands close to Cebu, our home. This started the lifelong desire for me and my sister to go and see the world.

Fast forward to 2020…After going to so many countries and being exposed to their people, food, culture and beautiful products, there are just some countries that your soul connects to instantly…that feeling that touches you in a very special way…

Turkey is that country for me. You just get blown away by its very historical and cultural heritage. And I’m not even talking about their food yet. Their food is a subject by itself. The first time I visited Istanbul, I didn’t know where to start looking. Every sight was just fascinating. How can a city be so painfully beautiful, the past and present so majestically intertwined?

Having seen all these, I wanted to be able to share to my family, friends and to everyone all the wonderful things I’ve experienced there. And the best way to do this is to showcase Turkey’s best handicrafts and products, those that embody it’s culture, personality and history. This website aims to share the best of what Turkey has to offer, most especially those that are not very well known to a lot of people - beautiful leather goods such as leather jackets!

For someone like me who has visited Turkey countless of times (and have established a home in Istanbul), I have seen so many unexpected treasures that are really worth sharing. I envision this website to be a purveyor of beautiful handcrafted products that will brighten homes and give a much needed oomph to one’s OOTD.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Turkey through these Turkish Finds!

by Tania Morada